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    2017 is our 44th Season

Elizabeth, NJ

Founded 1974

Little League Chartered
since 1999

Elmora Youth Little League is a nonprofit organization based in Elizabeth, New Jerse and a chartered member of the Little League Organization of Williamsport, Pa.  The league organizes recreation baseball and softball for the youth of the Elmora/Elizabeth area.  The league is staffed by volunteer parents.  EYL forms travel baseball and softball teams that participate in local summer tournaments. 
Summer team participants are selected from registered participants in the Spring season.


EBOD schedule

A tribute to Trooper Hanratty

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Directions to Facilities used by EYL

Directions to Softball Inter-League  Fields

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Who is the EYL Field Crew?


It is none other than your Volunteer Team Coaches.  So if your at the field and your coach is putting down the lines, why not walk over and take over the task.  The Coach needs to prepare his team for the game.
Way to go Coach Mike.

EYL History


Many thanks to the Boyd family who donated this plaque to the league. The league was founded in 1974 and these plaques were created to mark the occasion of the first opening day.  The Boyd family found this item in their attic.  After 38 years, we now own a piece of league history.
If you want to read about league history, click the following pages.
Comments from original players
League Books

Congratulations - UCBA Award Winners
George Vega, Evan Morales and Kevin Cowan

George Vega is the recipient of the Minor League John "Butch" Henry Youth League Award.  George has been playing in EYL since 2005.

Evan Morales is the recipient of the Major League George Cron MVP Award.  Evan has been playing in EYL since 2004.

Kevin Cowan is the recipient of the UC American Legion - Senior League MVP award.  Kevin was 5-0 as a pitcher and he batted .379 this past summer.  Kevin played his youth baseball in the league from 1998 to 2004.


Current EYL Players Evan and George with their awards at the 2011 UCBA Hot Stove Dinner.  Congratulations EYL Players.

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