2017 is our 44th Season

Elizabeth, NJ

Founded 1974

Little League Chartered
since 1999

Elmora Youth Little League is a nonprofit organization based in Elizabeth, New Jerse and a chartered member of the Little League Organization of Williamsport, Pa.  The league organizes recreation baseball and softball for the youth of the Elmora/Elizabeth area.  The league is staffed by volunteer parents.  EYL forms travel baseball and softball teams that participate in local summer tournaments. 
Summer team participants are selected from registered participants in the Spring season.


EBOD schedule

A tribute to Trooper Hanratty

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Directions to Facilities used by EYL

Directions to Softball Inter-League  Fields

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 Team Mom Duties

 Along with a Few Helpful Tips


KITCHEN DUTY:  Schedule the parents of their team to work the kitchen at least for two games during the season and one during playoffs.  If the parents do not wish to work the kitchen, they will NOT be entitled to receive the bond refund of $50.00 or $100.00 at the end of the season.  (Ponytails, Senior softball and Major league baseball teams are required to work all three games, T-ball is required to do at least one game.) Kitchen should always be staffed with 2 parents per team. If at any particular game you are not able to have 2 parents, the game will not start unless we have 1 parent from each team (these would be consider a special situation and not the norm).

You can attempt to schedule parents by meeting with them at a practice or game.  Ideal is to either call or email.  This allows them the opportunity to review and consider the days they are available.

Schedule of games can be found in the 2017 EYL Handbook or online at


Distribute Fund Raiser form to all parents as soon as possible (Ideal time is on Opening Day).  There will be a letter from the company indicating the due date.  Parents can either return their fundraiser packet to Team Mom, or drop it off at the Hanratty Field with the Board Member on Duty – Preferably with Fundraiser Coordinator, at specified days and times to be announced.   

If you have access to parent emails or text, sending a quick short reminder is ideal and will help fundraiser sale. 

Family Night – Please inform all your parents of family night 5/20/17 and of rain date of 6/3/17, last year was our first annual family night and it was very successful. You are going to be assigned a Theme for your Team Basket.  Team moms should be in charge of getting donations related to the Team's Theme from parents and putting their basket together before due date of 5/15/17. If you missed team mom meeting, your team was randomly assigned a theme. The list of teams and corresponding themes is available on our website. If you have any questions regarding this event please contact me.


Team Photo Day is Sunday, April 23, 2017.  You are asked to distribute Team Photo forms to the parents.  They are responsible for completing and bringing form w/their payment on photo day, or they can purchase pictures ahead of time on line and just bring receipt with them our code is EYL17. Parents who buy pictures online will get a free 8x10 picture calendar poster.

Each team is assigned an appointment time.  You will be getting an email with the available schedule.  Please be sure to communicate the date and time to your team.  Be sure to discuss with the Team Manager before you request your time, because Team Managers should be in the picture with their team and remind your players to wear full uniform. ONLY TEAM MANAGER, COACHES AND TEAM MOM ARE ALOUD ON THE FIELD AT THE TIME PICTURES ARE BEING TAKEN, NO EXCEPTIONS (please transmit this to your parents)


You are required to complete a volunteer application.  If you have not completed form, please complete one at meeting.  Form is also available online.


Questions, please e-mail