Tommy Wydra

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Elizabeth, NJ

Founded 1974

Little League Chartered
since 1999

Elmora Youth Little League is a nonprofit organization based in Elizabeth, New Jerse and a chartered member of the Little League Organization of Williamsport, Pa.  The league organizes recreation baseball and softball for the youth of the Elmora/Elizabeth area.  The league is staffed by volunteer parents.  EYL forms travel baseball and softball teams that participate in local summer tournaments. 
Summer team participants are selected from registered participants in the Spring season.


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In Memory

Our 2007 Basketball season was dedicated to the memory of one of our players who was suddenly taken from us. 
Thomas Wydra, 17 died on June 16, 2006 in
a tragic auto accident on Route 1&9. 
Thomas was a 3 year member of the Basketball League.
May God Bless Thomas Wydra, we miss him.

"One of our best EYL participants." Former EYL Basketball Director Israel Morales


EYL High School Players Dedicate their
2007 Basketball Season to Thomas Wydra


The players of the High School division have dedicated the 2007 Season to their former schoolmate and player Thomas Wydra  Thomas was killed last June in an auto accident. All uniforms in the division have a photo of Tommy on them. Tommy's mother was presented with a large framed jersey. The ceremony was attended by all six teams and it preceded the first game of the season. Former coaches and coordinators Lou Bani and Israel Morales attended the event.

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