Terry Litterer

    2018 is our 45th Season

Elizabeth, NJ

Founded 1974

Little League Chartered
since 1999

Elmora Youth Little League is a nonprofit organization based in Elizabeth, New Jerse and a chartered member of the Little League Organization of Williamsport, Pa.  The league organizes recreation baseball and softball for the youth of the Elmora/Elizabeth area.  The league is staffed by volunteer parents.  EYL forms travel baseball and softball teams that participate in local summer tournaments. 
Summer team participants are selected from registered participants in the Spring season.


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In Memory of Terry Litterer

We remember one of our board members and league coaches who tragically passed at the age of 46 on June 12, 2006.

Terry began volunteering as a parent coach in 1991.
In 1995, Terry expanded his role to become one of our dedicated board members.  He helped the league by taking care of our equipment. Later on, he used his business contacts to help the league purchase equipment and uniforms at a lower cost.  Our pitching machines were purchased by Terry.  He organized our softball travel teams and along with his wife, Diane, he worked to make our annual picnics one of the best league run events.

He loved coaching and he lived his 46 years to the fullest.  One of Terry's favorite quotes was "The best little league games are the ones run at orphanages, because there were no parents to interfere with the kid's game."  With Terry, it was always for the kids.

We will miss him.  He is survived by his wife, Diane and children Michael and Katelyn.

God Bless Terry


Terry Litterer's Service to Elmora Youth League
EYL Executive Board Member  1995 to 2002
EYL Officer - Vice President - 2000 to 2001
EYL Manager/Coach - 1991  to 2002

The flag at Hanratty is flying at
half-staff as our league joins the Litterer family in mouring the loss our friend and coach.

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