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2019 is our 46th Season

Elmora Youth Little League is a nonprofit organization based in Elizabeth, New Jersey and a chartered member of the Little League Organization of Williamsport, Pa.  The league organizes recreation baseball and softball for the youth of the Elmora/Elizabeth area.  The league is staffed by volunteer parents.  EYL forms travel baseball and softball teams that participate in local summer tournaments.  Summer team participants are selected from registered participants in the Spring season.

Elizabeth, NJ

Little League Chartered since 1999

Founded 1974


Page updated 2/17/2019



2/21/2019 (Thu) - Parents Night
YHMA of Union

Parents Night - Meet the Coach and Staff of EYLL

2/21/2019 (Thursday) 7:00 PM
YHMA of Union
503 Green Lane, Union NJ

Please leave your chld home, the program is designed for the adults.

3/30/2019 (Sat) - Parade Day
Hanratty Fields

5/5/2019 (Sun) - Photo Day
Hanratty Fields

6/1/2019 (Sat) - Movie Night
Hanratty Fields

Opening Day is March 30, 2019 * Less than 6 Weeks away  * 42 Days to Go

* We are not scheduling any future in-person registrations. On-line registration will remain open for selected age groups until the open slots are filled.  Please note that we volunteered and ran 9 in-person events.
*  Based on the results we are planning to run a 33 team league with 398 players.  We have limited availability into our league at this time.   Please note that this estimate has been lowered recently given the 2019 registration experience.
Once the open slots fill, we close down the age group.  The EYLL does not overload teams with players, we strive to have a fair amount of playing time for each player.
If you are shut out of the league in 2019, we are sorry for your situation.

Questions, please e-mail

Click here for a list of key league dates

Scheduled Games

The 2019 Season schedule has not been built.

We look forward to a fun and competitive 2019 Season.  Thank you to the staff and coaches  who helped with the league formation.

Please support
Our 2019 League Sponsors

August F. Schmidt
Bank of America
Bishop Photo
Candy Mountain Day Care
Councilman Manny Grova
Councilwoman P. Perkins-Auguste
Dr. Matos's Growing Smiles, P.A.
Fajardo Realty Group
Griffith Brothers Insurance
Leones Cubanos de Elizabeth
Maffey's Lock & Safe Co.
Maria Z. Carvalho
Matos Oral Surgery
Oceania, LLC - Shipping
R.Corbo Construction
Sunrise Diner
Supreme Search Group
Union Dental Group

Letter to Sponsors


Open slots are going fast


Coach Ed Sisk

Click here for Star Ledger Obituary

Click for photos of Ed and some of his many EYL teams over the years.


In Memory of George O'Grady


Directions to Hanratty Complex -
 Exit 137 from north or south turn left at the end of the ramp. Travel 1.6 miles to the intersection of Galloping Hill Road and Westfield ave (Route 28).  Field is on your right Thomas Hanratty Complex.  Yahoo Map Click here for PDF document

PPT = Players per Team

On-line 2019 League Registration

(selected age groups only)

On-line registration remains open for the following divisions:
Tee Ball - Age 4 & 5
Pioneer Baseball - Age 6 & 7 (Coach Pitch Instructional Minor League Baseball)
Teeners Softball - Grade K to 2nd -  (Coach Pitch Instructional Minor League Softball)
Ponytails Softball - Grade 3 to 5 - Player Pitch Minor League Softball
Middle School - Grade 6 to 8 - Fastpitch Softball
To register for one of the open spots in Rookies,

To register for the 2019 Season using our on-line system with your credit card, please click the link below.


Online 8 to 12 year old baseball is closed.


Please note that you must accept the "NO REFUND" policy of the Elmora Youth Little League to register for the 2019 Season.

Junior Baseball for players aged 13 to 16, please click here for information about the Union Teener League.

Click here to read the Presidents Letter to our EYLL families

Please see our flier for more information, click here.
If you want to register by mail, please print out forms and mail to address on form
Registration Form     Medical Information

Click here to view our 2019 fee schedule

For more Information on our Baseball and Softball divisions, please see links below.
2019 Baseball Divisions     2019 Softball Divisions
Key Dates for Baseball     Key Dates for Softball

Please consider sponsoring our 2019 League.  Click here for the 2019 sponsor form

Meet the Volunteer 2019 EYL Executive Board - Click here to view the roster.

Click here to see photos of our 2018 Champions and
our Little League Tournament Winners

EYLL Board Member

EYLL Board

EBOD schedule

Board Meeting Attendance

Board Member Participation

Assigned Board Member Roles

Thank You Modell's


2018 Team Week Total

Other Information

2018 League Book

2018 League Rules

2018 EYL By-laws and Constitution.

Little League Borders - Map

A tribute to Trooper Hanratty

In Memorian

Little League District 7 Web site

Directions to Facilities used by EYL

Directions to Softball Inter-League  Fields


Our 2018 uniform displayed the 45th season  patch in recognition of our 45th consecutive season.
For this milestone  , we are recognizing the colonial history of Elizabeth with the Revolutionary era Minuteman on the left.  The  Image on the right salutes the members of Law Enforcement who protect and serve the community. It has been placed on the patch to honor the memory of

 Trooper Thomas J, Hanratty
 who played in our League and for whom the Hanratty fields have been named.
God Bless Our
 Hometown Hero.


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Elmora Youth League Zero Tolerance Policy
This link has been placed here to remind parents and spectators that we have certain expectation regarding behavior at EYLL events.  We also have a Zero Tolerance policy  .   Please take a moment to read the policy.  This is published on pages 7 to 10 in the Annual League Book.  Click here for the policy.

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Check out our League Book covers over the years. Click here.

Questions, please e-mail